Parvarish  Bhojpuri Movie

The very first time two popular Bhojpuri stars Yash Mishra and Ritesh Pandey will be seen together in the upcoming Bhojpuri movie Parvarish. This film is directed by Ajay Srivastava and its producers are Ajay Srivastava & Mamta Wadhwa. Watch Parvarish Bhojpuri Movie Trailer below

Parvarish Bhojpuri Movie

Parvarish is a Bhojpuri action film where its sequential action is directed by R.P.Yadav. Under the banner of Ajay Srivastava Productions this film has numerous Bhojpuri actors and actress. Along with Yash Misha and Ritesh Pandey the stars like Smriti Sinha, Shivika Deewan, Amit Shukla & Shraddha Yadav have also worked well and help the story to move forward to entertain the audience.

Though this is an action film but like other Bhojpuri movies Parvarish has many melodious songs which are composed by Govind Ojha while its songs are written by Manoj Matlabi & Pankaj Tiwari. The trailer and its music has been released under Zee Music Company.

Parvarish Bhojpuri movie story

Parvarish movie story revolves around the two young men who walk on the two different paths to achieve their destiny but the ways taken by them affect each other which makes them to quarrel. The story is written and conceptualized by Surendra Mishra. And in fact its dialogues are also beautiful.

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