Gorgeous girl of Bhojpuri cinema Kajal Raghwani is once again set to attract you with चोच तनी मार के देखअ (Chonch Tani Mar Ke Dekh)  song from the movie Bairi Kangna-2. The song has perfect chemistry between all-time superstar of Bhojpuri industry Ravi kishan and kajal Raghwani. Chonch Tani Mar Ke Dekh song is written by Pyare Lal Yadav and it is composed by the very famous music director in Bhojpuri films who credits many super hit songs Madhukar Anand . Singer Indu Sonali has lent her voice to this song. Watch below  BAIRI KANGNA 2 Movie Songs- Chonch Tani Mar Ke Dekh . [amazon_link asins=’B07DPKZMSB,B0761SGKS6,B079Q99XRH,B07CTTQ6Q4,B076DC4LBM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’chandan1984-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’f698cbb4-7c65-11e8-9849-611c2a18aa5f’]

बैरी कंगना -2 का ट्रेलर देखें 

From some time there has been a trend in the Bhojpuri cinema to release teaser of the songs. Initially it started with the movie teaser but seeing the curiosity of Bhojpuri people the Bhojpuri music world has started this concept which brings then load of money. Chonch Tani Mar Ke Dekh song is released on the official YouTube channel of Enterr10 Music Bhojpuri. The film BAIRI KANGANA 2 is a horror movie directed by Ashok Tripathi Atri.

 चोच तनी मार के देखअ  : Ravi Kishan and Kajal Raghwani

Film – “Bairi Kangna 2” बैरी कंगना 2
Song – Chonch Tani Mar Ke Dekh (चोच तनी मार के देखअ )
Singer – Indu Sonali
Lyrics – Pyare Lal Yadav
Producer – Ashok Shrivastava
Director – Ashok Tripathi Atri

Listen to Old Bairi Kangna movie Song Here below.

The prequel of this has already been made and has got lovely response from the audience. After getting such enormous response from the public the film-maker has taken this initiative to make its second part. the first film in this series was made in the year 1992 with name Bairi Kangana, starring Kunal Singh, Meera Madhuri, Rakesh Pandey, Mohan Choti. This first movie was directed by Raju Singh and produced by Prahlad Das Gupta. Listen to the old songs of Bhojpuri movie  Bairi Kangna below.

 झुमका मोरा गढ़ी दे रे सोनरा – फिल्म बैरी कंगना (१९९२)

बैरी भाईले कंगना मोरा – फिल्म बैरी कंगना (१९९२)

Watch BAIRI KANGNA-2 movie Trailer Here

BAIRI KANGNA-2 movie Full Star-Casts

काजल रघ्वानी की नयी फिल्म भौजी पटनिया

नयी भोजपुरी फिल्म का ट्रेलर यहाँ देखें

भोजपुरी के नए गाने यहाँ  सुने 

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