CHIRAAG : Bhojpuri Movie Trailer

After GANGSTER DULHANIA the Bhojpuri actor Gaurav Jha once again is ready to rock the screen. This time Gaurav is copming up with his upcoming Bhojpuri film CHIRAAG. Watch the trailer and how this movie would be in this article. CHIRAAG movie trailer is below.

Under the banner of ‘Ajinkya Tara Films’ this film is directed by Hemtaj Ali. CHIRAAG is a BHojpuri action thriller where people will face actor Gaurav Jha fighting against the draconian love-lawless society. The society who is divided on the basis of cast and religion. The society where the region takes more important than its people. The society in which people have turned to mere puppets by its low level politics.
 गौरव झा  अभिनीत भोजपुरी फिल्म कहर  का नया भोजपुरी गाना ‘ केसिया जब बिखरावे लू , बदरा के भरम करावेलू( कुमार सानु )

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CHIRAAG : Bhojpuri Movie Trailer

Gaurav was much appreciated for his work in GANGSTER DULHANIA with his co-actor Nidhi Jha. Whereas in CHIRAAG he will show his Valery for his love for Kajal Yadav. Bhojpuri beauty Kajal has completed her couple of movies but she has not achieved her milestone in bhojiwood yet.
In this Bhojpuri film CHIRAAG along with Gaurav Jha and Kajal Yadav there are many Bhojiwood known faces like Heera Lal Yadav,Glory Mohanta, Maya Yadav, Khushboo Visvakarma, Poonam Varma, Baleshwar Singh, Sanjay Varma, Vaibhav Rai, Manish Raut, Hemtaj Ali, Meraz Khan, J. P. Singh etc will also be seen.

भोजपुरी फिल्म कहर का ट्रेलर यहाँ देखें

Produced by Dinanath Prasad Kushwaha the film is written by Shamsher Sen and its action is sequenced by Hira Lal Yadav who is also playing an important role in this movie. Along with story and actions the BHojouri film Chiraag has good number of melodies which are penned by Sumit Singh Chandravanshi & Vinay Nirmal while its compositions are arranged by Chhote Baba.

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