DAMRU movie songs

The movie DAMRU is totally a different genres of Bhojpuri film. The film shows the traditional North Indian culture where the protagonist of this film  who has strong faith in Shiva and with his love for Shiva, the lord comes to help this man from the evils.

फिल्म डमरू का ट्रेलर व रिव्यु  यहाँ देखें

गाना – तोहर  नैना बिना दे देबेला जान

Song : Tohar Nayana Baina De De Leba Jaan
Singer : Khesarilal Yadav & Swati Sharma
Music : Rajnish Mishra
Lyrics : Swati Sharrma

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 Song : Mausam Suhana Aa Gayil

Song : Aye Sanam Pyar Ke
Singers : Khesarilal Yadav, Swati Sharma
Music : Rajnish Mishra
Lyrics : Shyam Dehati
Movie : Damru
Banner : Baba Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Movie : Damru

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The film DAMRU has Khesari lal Yadav and Yashika Kapoor in lead roles. The very talented actor in Bhojpuri industry Awdhesh Mishra will be seen as Lord Shiva. Directed by Rajnish Mishra, film DAMRU has meloflious songs written by Pyarelal Yadav “Kaviji”, Pawan Pandey, Ashok Kumar “Deep” & Shyam Dehati and composed by Rajnish Mishra himself.

फिल्म डमरू के और भी गाने यहाँ सुने :

तर-तर पसीना छूटेला हो  – क्लिक करें  

मौसम  सुहाना आ गईल  – क्लिक करें

सोंग: Jahiya Rawur Betwa Full Song

Singer : Indu Sonali
Music : Rajnish Mishra
Lyrics : Pyarelal Yadav “Kaviji”
Movie : Damru
Banner : Baba Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Producer : Pradeep K. Sharma
Director : Rajnish Mishra
Star Cast(s) : Khesari Lal Yadav, Avdhesh Mishra, Padam Singh, Yashika Kapoor, Anand Mohan, Devendra Singh & Others.


चिंटू पाण्डेय का खतरनाक स्टंट फिल्म ‘दुल्हन चाही पकिस्तान से‘ में – पूरी फिल्म यहाँ देखें

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Apart from many romantic melodies the film DAMRU has one beautiful Qawwali sung by Rajnish Mishra and chorus . With the soulful voice the singer has so much sunk in it, even for some time I was lost while listing to it.

क़व्वाली – तोहरे करम से मौला 

Singer : Rajnish Mishra
Music : Rajnish Mishra
Lyrics : Pyarelal Yadav “Kaviji”

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