BAAGHI-Ek Yodha- Bhojpuri Movie Review

Once again the Bhojpuri cinema superstar Khesari Lal Yadav is ready to rock the cinema-screen with his upcoming Bhojpuri movie BAAGHI-Ek Yodha . Directed by Shekhar Sharma this movie is produced by Jayant Ghosh. All the casts & crews of this movie have worked very hard to showcase and define the new terminologies in Bhojpuri cinema. Read more below Bhojpuri Baaghi movie review and watch its trailer below.

Recalling little past, there were numerous movies made with this title BAAGHI . In 2000, starring Sanjay Dutt, Manisha Koirala and Aditya Pancholi , the director Rajesh Kumar Singh made the Bollywood movie with the same title and it was a Box-Office hit. Still we hear its very popular song Sapne Me Milti Hai sung by Bollywood singer Abhijeet.

In fact recently , in 2016 director Sabbir Khan made Baaghi: A Rebel for Love starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor which was again a Box-Office hit and it was critically acclaimed.`

BAAGHI movie review

Bhojpuri Movie BAAGHI-Ek Yodha plot

Both of this movie made in Bollywood revolves around a love triangle. And Bhojpuri film BAAGHI is not apart from them too. The protagonist of BAAGHI is Khesari Lal Yadav who fight for his love too. Kajal Raghwani tries her best to keep herself aloof from becoming prey of Ayaz Khan.

But after that there is twist which is brought by the another actress Ritu Singh. Which makes this movie little different from the other movies made in Bollywood. In trailer itself Khesari appears to be a part of Indian force. This is one the another signals which seems to bit different from the already made movies with the same title.

But after all when you watch the last scene of Bhohpuri BAAGHI-Ek Yodha trailer, Kajal appears in the completely negative role who tries killing her love. And this is what makes movie more interesting. The story is beautifully crafted by Anand Tiwari.

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha Action:

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha as its name appears to be an action movie. And in reality it is true. In this whole featured film you’ll hardly notice any false action scene which we are prone to watch in South Indian movies. Heera Yadav’s action seems real and helps to understand the movie sequences.

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in BAAGHI-Ek Yodha the actor Khesari Lal Yadav recalls his Dabang Sarkar look which is again a box-office hit. Watch Dabang Sarkar full movies Here.

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha Music & Dance:

Though the Bhojpuri film BAAGHI-Ek Yodha is an action packed movie but as per the trend the movie has good number of songs composed by Madhukar Anand. There are hell lot of songs which sometime seems unrealistic.

It seems that unnecessarily putting songs in between, the song itself looses its tempo. Though there are very prominent lyricists like Kavi Pyarelal Yadav, Azaad Singh and Shyam Dehati have written the written the songs for this film but none of them attract much. The writing and music both appears to fill the gap only.

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha Movie Songs:

  • Jawaniya ee Baghi Banal ba
  • Jawaniya me ghoon lag jayee
  • Soorujmukhi ke phool ha
  • Wahtsapp ke message bani Dhaniya

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha Movie Trailer

BAAGHI-Ek Yodha Ratings: 2.5/5 * teams always tries to rate and review considering the viewers’ perspective. Thus inspite of all the Bhojpuri Films team rates this movie with 2.5* stars and wishes good luck to this film.

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