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There are stories which can never be forgotten. They get re-created, re-imagined and retold. Such stories are so appealing and seem all time new and fit in the contemporary societies. Though they are not mythological but even being in the category of non-fiction they mesmerize us with theirs folk-lore and story weaving style. The story of Laila Majnu is one of them which celebrate the madness of love. Taking a bit out of the classic folklore, Imtiaz Ali presents a modern retelling of Laila Majnu. Almost after 42 years, Laila Majnu(1976 film) the director Sajid Ali is all set to release this modern lail-Majnu on the big screen in Agust this year. Laila Majnu is an upcoming Bollywood Hindi-Romantic film written and directed by Sajid Ali Based on Epic love story of Layla and Majnun. Laila Majnu movie review…

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Laila: sach kahte hai Pagal ho tum – log kahte hain
Majnu:  log kahte hain to theek hi kahte honge’
नयी भोजपुरी फिल्म ‘लव के लिए कुछ भी करेगा ‘ का ट्रेलर यहाँ देखें 
Such dialogues beautifies the chemistry between Laila (Tripti Dimri) and Majnu(Avinash Tiwary). Well written heart-broken lines with beautiful locations and cinematography make movie worth to watch. The song Hafiz Hafiz Ho Gaya hafiz is beautifully composed by Niladri Kumar.

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The Story of Laila Majnu:
“Laila Majnu is a narrative poem based on a semi-historical Arab story about the 7th century Bedouin poet Qays ibn Al-Mulawwah and his ladylove Layla bint Mahdi (or Layla al-Aamiriya). Qays and Layla fall in love with each other when they are young, but when they grow up Layla’s father doesn’t allow them to be together. Qays becomes obsessed with her, and his tribe Banu Amir and the community gives him the epithet of Majnūn.” Source: Wikipedia.

लैला मजनू के गाने यहाँ देखे :
हुस्न हाज़िर है मोहब्बत की सजा पाने को
होके मायूस तेरे दर से 

Majnu, an obsessed lover starts composing poem for his love after getting deserted by Lalila father. His effort to woo laila caused his community to call him ‘Majnu’. The girls father refused Laila to get married with Majnu as he considers him a mentally unbalanced man. And she was married with a handsome noble merchant. After listening this news Majnu leaves his home in search of Laila but she moved to the Northern Arabia with her husband. As the story goes, Laila becomes ill and gradually dies. In the wilderness of not seeing Laila, Majnu was found dead near Laila’s grave. This event is depicted by the poetry written by Majnu.
I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla
And I kiss this wall and that wall
It’s not Love of the walls that has enraptured my heart
But of the One who dwells within them.  :(Wikipeida)

In the history, such type of love is called as ‘Virgin Love‘ because lovers never marry or consummate their love.

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