Kallu starring Aawara Balam is story of a man who fights for his love. The protagonist overcomes all obstacles comes in love-life. The film is full of action and romance. Watch Aawara Balam Bhojpuri movie Song

\Not only the film has action and romance but it also comprises with good melodious songs. The songs of Aawara Balam are penned by Pyare Lal Yadav, Shyam Dehati, Azad singh, Sumit Chandravansi while the composer Avinash Jha (Ghunghroo) has melodiously composed them. The singers are Arvind akela kallu, Indu sonali, Priyanka singh, Honey bee, Alka singh in this film.

फिल्म आवारा बलम का ट्रेलर व रिव्यु देखें – यहाँ 

गाना – ललकी रे टिकुलिया 

Movie :- Aawara
Song :- Lalaki Re Tikuliya
Singer :- Arvind Akela Kallu, Priyanka Singh
Lyrics :- Shyam Dehati
Music Director :- Avinash Jha Ghunghuru Ji
Company/ Label :- Wave

Aawara Balam is a romantic-action film directed by Chandan Upadhyay. This film has Arvind Akela Kallu,Tanu Shree, Priyanka Pandit and Awdhesh Mishra in the lead role.

अवधेश मिश्र की नयी भोजपुरी हॉरर फिल्म – यहाँ देखें 

कल्लू के रोमांटिक गाने यहाँ सुने 

गाना – भतार खाली बन जाये दs 

Movie :- Aawara Balam
Song :- Bhatar Khali Ban Jaye Da
Singer :- Arvind Akela Kallu,& Indu Sonali
Lyrics :- Sumit Singh Chanderwanshi
Music Director :- Avinash Jha Ghunghuru Ji
Company/ Label :- Wave

फिल्म आवारा बलम के और गाने यहाँ सुने 

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कवना सवतीन संगे बजावे तारे बीन – यहाँ पर  

सुमित चंद्रवंशी का लिखा गाना – पलंगिया ए पिया सोने ना दिया .

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