Now a days, Women empowerment is the most talkative term in India and the work.In India many organisations are active to get all rights equal to men constitutionally. Having looked at it carefully we find the Constitutions is nothing but mere a book. A book of law which tells the way to live and perform a being in the society. The book remains a book until it fills the motion in us to act. And the motion picture or a film plays a vital role in delivering this content or act to all through enactment. In the Joining this dot BHAUJI PATANIYA is set to be released this year. The trailer of the film is out.

Watch the Trailer of BHAUJI PATANIYA


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PAWAN SINGH new Bhojpuri movie WANTED trailer

Kajal Raghwani who is elected to Mukhiya loves a simple man(Akash Singh). But this all does not tolerated by the muscleman Kali Pandey. Kali tries all his power to defeat and deman the family. At last he reaches to the ultimate point of rivalry where the death is the only option. He creates a Chakravyuh (a plot of death) in which a father (Kunal Singh) of royal family with his two children and a daughter-in-law get trapped. This is where is film begins with.. . The film has many twists-and turns in its story. The story is beautifully woven by Ajay-Praveen who is also a director of this movie BHAUJI PATANIYA.
A veteran actor Kunal Singh fills us with his vigorous roles whereas Kajal Raghwani who is his daughter-in-law draws our attention while riding a bike, playing Kabaddi championship and running marathon etc. . But Akash Singh is playing the role of Kajal Raghwani’s husband and a son of Kunal Singh who is his father in athe real life as well will not disappoint you with his role. In the negative role of Kali Pandey, Kundan Krishnan could have done better to make this movie more interesting. The film set looks normal which the dorector and editor looks working hard to filling the gaps carefully. Films few songs are well plcaed and composed but some of them unnecessarily increases the length of the movie. The item number which is the most important genres of Bhojpuriya cinema can also be seen by Seema Singh. But the writer director must be appreciated for conceptualizing the plot of the drama and truing in into the action.

Bhojpuri Films team wishes good luck BHAUHI PATANIYA and gives 8/10* .

BHAUJI PATANIYA full STAR cats and Crew :
Movie : Bhauji Pataniya – Official Trailer
Star Cast : Kajal Raghwani, Akash singh, Kunal Singh, Kundan Krishnan, Sunny SIngh, Praveen
Producer : Praveen and Krishna Prasad Gupta
Director : Ajay-Praveen
Banner : Skylight Studio’s and Dakshraj Films
Lyrics : D K Pritam, Shyam Bihari, Sagar Pardesi
Music : Om Jha
Audio Label : Yashi Films


1. Ankhiyame tohraa Jadoo Rupwa me tohra Jadoo
2. Sanwariya Le Jaytee
3. Jhaaji aawo na. Dekhawo Deh me ketna Pawer ho (Item Song- Indu Sonali)
4. Naihar ke dihle ee Palangiya ho , Palangiya piywa toor debe ka


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