एक्शन से भरपूर है पवन सिंह की नयी भोजपुरी फिल्म ‘वांटेड’

The new Bhojpuri Film WANTED is the most awaited film of this year. This is a complete action film. No doubt this upcoming Bhojpuri film Wanted is going to remind you Salman’s Wanted, released in 2009. Almost after 9 years Pawan Singh’s WANTED is going to thrill you in the theater this year. Not only the film is full of action but also has good scripts and melodious songs. Apart from Pawan Singh the film has many talented actors like Mani Bhattacharya, Amrita Acharya, Bipin Sing, Eyaz Khan, Jay Singh etc..Under the banner of Shri J. Soharta Production Presents WANTED is directed by Sujeet Kumar Singh and written by Viru Thakur. Manoj Matalbi, Vinay Nirmal, Arvind Tiwari & Sumit Chandravanshi’s lyrics have beautifully composed by Chhote Baba and sung by Pawan Singh & Indu Sonali.

New Bhojpuri Film WANTED movie review,rating and story

पवन सिंह बने लोहा पहलवान
Baboo Bajrangi(Pawan Singh) the most wanted criminal of his area, dogged by district police (Eyaaz Khan) after getting the orders from a political leader Neta Ji but bajrangi’s cleverness saves him many a time. After enquiring lot about him the antagonist finds his address and reaches to them where Bajrangi lives. But a man word Baboo Bajrangi saves his family along with his lover ( Mani Bhattacharya). The film Wanted turns completely in the interval when news comes that Baboo Bajrangi is not the culprit he is something else and has aware about the Neta ji’s link with Pakistan. And this is where the action comes into its full speed which I think it’s gonna give you a kick in the cinema hall.

भोजपुरी फिल्म वांटेड रिलीज़ हो गयी जुलाई में – पूरी फिल्म यहाँ देखें 

गजब की फिल्म है खेसारी लाल की डमरू
The film’s action director is Baji Rao. The timing is nice at very few places you’ll find the non-real action. In this Dipak Jaul who is the editor of wanted and the director Sujeet Kumar Singh have worked well. The review is based on the trailer.
Bhojpuri films wishes good luck to WANTED and gives 8.5/10*.
Viru Thakur who is the writer of WANTED has penned many beautiful dialogues which will remind you even after cinema hall. Some of them are like,:
1. अभी तो हनुमान ने सिर्फ लंका को उजाड़ा है , दहन अभी बाकि है
2. आँख कमजोर और लाचार लोग दिखाते है, हम लोगों को उनकी औकात बताते हैं
3. शेर अगर खामोश रहे त एकर मतलब ई न है की ऊ शिकार कईल भूल गईल
The film has many good songs which have sung by Pawan Singh and Indu Sonali:
1. मीठ रस सांवरिया जैसे शरबत के पनिया हो
2. पलंगिया ए पिया सोने ना दीया
3. मारता र माजा बिन बियाहे बोलअ कहे राजा हो
4. मोर मरदा बेदरदा

Pawan Singh’s WANTED Bhojpuri Film Trailer

Bhojpuri film WANTED star cast and crew :

Star Cast :- Pawan Singh, Mani Bhattacharya, Amrita Acharya, Bipin Sing, Eyaz Khan, Jay Singh & Others
 Singer :- Pawan Singh & Indu Sonali
 Writer :- Viru Thakur
 Lyrics :- Manoj Matalbi, Vinay Nirmal, Arvind Tiwari & Sumit Chandravanshi.
 Music Director :- Chhote Baba.
 Director :- Sujeet Kumar Singh
 Producer :- Yashwant Kumar, Virendra Kumar Yadav.
 Editor :- Dipak Jaul
 DOP :- Venkat Mahesh
 Dance Director :- Ramdevan
 Action :- Baji Rao
 Desiner :- Narsu
 Excutive Producer :- Nand Lal Yadav
 Associate Director :- Mukesh Tiwari
 Production Manager :- Arshad Shaikh (Pappu)
 Baner :- Shri J. Soharta Production Presents.
 Company/Label :- Wave Music

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