Chhapra Express Movie Review and Story

Chhapra Express Movie Review and Story : 

Chhapra Express is a Bhojpuri action film, starring Khesari Lal Yadav and Shubi Sharma. This is a complete entertainment with mixture of all spices. Not only this is an action movie but also beautifully placed comedy and romance. This film has even calculated songs which somehow relates to the story of a movie.

Chhapra Express Movie Story
The film is based on a rivalry of two young man Arjun and Teja. One believes in taking evrything as granted ignoring law and social values where the other is repulsive who does fight with the social injustice. Teja (Akash Singh) is a son of Baap Ji (Raj Premi) who is considered to be law-maker in his area. He makes and runs his orders in the area where Arjun(Khesari Lal Yadav) lives with his family. The rivalry begins while saving a girl from getting raped in an open market and in which Arjun takes Teja’s one eye out. Teja orders to awake Bali (Satyprakash). Bali is the most dangerous create in the form of a human being. His mightiness never allowed Baap Ji’s defeat. The entire story is woven strictly. And this is what it makes it interesting to watch till end. Baap ji a self made majesty, who is always known for his justice, would behave to this injustice. Will he be able to keep his law of justice? Would Arjun get the justice from Bap Ji’s court or his body wold be thrown out to feed the scavengers ? To watch this interesting character.  watch full movie HERE

Chhapra Express Video Songs :

1. Bhatar Khali Uhe Khojela Watch Video Here

2. Maza Maral Jayee Piparwa Tar Watch Video Here 

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