CHHALIYA Movie Trailer

Bhojpuri singer turned actor Arvind Akela Kallu is coming up with his new upcoming Bhojpuri movie CHHALIYA This movie is directed by Gautam Singh and produced by Pramod Shastri. The romantic -action film is written by S.K Chouhan and featured under the banner of Star World. Watch Bhojpuri Chhaliya Movie trailer below.

The film features a ton of talented stars along with new comer Harsh Thakur. Along with Arvind Akela Kallu, Yamini Singh, Harsh Thakur, Nisha Jha, Manoj Tiger, Samarth Chutarvedi, Maya Yadav, Dev Singh, Anil Yadav, Baleshwar Singh, Kamalkant Mishra, Gauri Shankar, Niranjan Chaubey, Arjun Yadav, Seema Yadav, Munna Singh, Raj Kumar Singh, R.K Goshwami and Bittu Barnwal makes this film worth to watch.

Bhojpuri movie Chhaliya not only has good action sequences and story but also it fills with number of melodies. Most of the songs urge us to listen at least twice. The music arranged by Avinash Jha (Ghoongharu) where as its lyricists are Manoj Matlabi, Sumit Singh Chandravanshi, Rishi Gwala & Rajesh Saharanuri.

This is an action film where the action sequences are very much compact which is directed by the action master Shree Shershtha. Rikky Gupta, Dilip Mistri and Sudama Minz choreographed the songs of this film.

CHHALIYA Movie Trailer

Apart from the pool of actors the viewrs will also face Kanak Yadav and Ritu Singh in guest appearance.

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