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There has been a recent trend of making web series. And in this context the emerging Bhojpuri industry is not taking chance to look back. With this the first Bhojpuri web series ‘Hero Varrdiwala’ has been made on the novel of polular novelist Ved Prakas Sharma’s VARDI WALA GUNDA. This new Bhojpuri web series is going to air on ALTBalaji from 25th, January. Watch Hero Varrdiwala Bhojpuri web-series trailer and its review below.

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भोजपुरी की आनेवाली फिल्मों के ट्रेलर – यहाँ देखे  

The series features Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua‘, Amrapali Dubey, Sanjay Pandey and Sambhavna Seth in lead roles. The Bhojpuri web-series Hero Varrdiwala is directed by Mahesh Pandey. The actress Amraplai tweets as

#HeroVarrdiwala first Bhojpuri web series

Hero Varrdiwala Review: (3/5)***

As mentioned earlier Hero Varrdiwala is an adaptation of novelist Ved Prakas Sharma’s VARDI WALA GUNDA. The story sets in time where the terrorist institution Blackstar controls business, politics and even the police. In this turbulent time IPS officer Tejasvi Pratap (Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua‘) wants to restore law and order in the lawless state of Uttar Pradesh.

The series does not seem to be less than a Bhojpuri movie. Hero Varrdiwala is a mix of action, romance and thriller. All the characters of this series seem to be justifying with their characters. The veteran actor Sanjay Pandey, in the role of a politician is nonetheless than the real politicians with his dialogue and caricatures. Where as Nirahua sometimes seems exaggerating his characters as an IPS officer but overall with his action he tries to retain his glamour. Amarapli Dubey the beloved of protagonist gaze little attention.

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निरहुआ के भोजपुरी फिल्म और गाने – यहाँ देखे
As aware that the Bhojpuri cinema is known for its item songs, thus this series does not seem to be lacking in this style as well. Bhojpuri item girl Sambhavna Seth attracts the viewer with his glamorous style.

Inserting baseless vulgarity in the web series has been a trending style where as this one gives little bit relief to the audience. But Hero Varrdiwala is not totally against this genres of web series making and the publisc still gets some glance of it. The trailer excites more to watch the on-screen chemistry b/w Amrapali and Nirahua.

Hero Varrdiwala Bhojpuri web-series trailer

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