PATTHAR KE SANAM Movie Review and Rating (Bhojpuri)

Arvind Akela aka ‘Kallu’ has been very active since his entry in the world of entertainment. His very first hit Bhojpuri song “Lagay Diho Chliya ke Hook Raja Ji” always led him on the top among other Bhojpuri actors. Kallu’s latest Bhojpuri movie ‘PATTHAR KE SANAM‘ trailer has been out on to the official channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Check for Bhojpuri film PATTHAR KE SANAM Movie Review and Ratings with its official trailer below.

In PATTHAR KE SANAM, Kallu can be seen romancing with beautiful actress Yamini Singh. This film is directed by Niraj Randhir while its producer is Aditya Kumar Jha and Amit Kumar. Under the banner of Rajgharana Films. Bhojpuri movie PATTHAR KE SANAM has full of known and talented actors and actress from Bhojiwood industry .

PATTHAR KE SANAM Movie Review and Rating : Bhojpuri


In 1967 Bollywood director Raja Nawathe had made a super hit film with Manoj Kumar, Mumtaz and Waheeda Rehman with the same title PATTHAR KE SANAM . The film has number of melodious songs. In fact we still sing ‘Tauba Ye Matwali Chal‘ or ‘Mehboob Mere, Mehboob Mere‘songs and this is one of the reasons of its box-office hit.

Similarly, Bhojpuri film PATTHAR KE SANAM has good nuber of melodies composed by two very talented misic director Rajnish Mishra and Chhote Baba. Not only the music even if we talk about its poetry, they are also good. PATTHAR KE SANAM songs are penned by Rajesh Mishra, Irshad Khan Sikandar,Pyare Lal Yadav “Kavi” & Sumit Singh Chandravanshi.

PATTHAR KE SANAM Movie Trailer :

This is a young-love drama where in a family gets involved. The protagonist ‘Kallu’ is a private security guard who falls in love with Yamini. They make an illicit affair . When their families come to know this, the drama begins. The movie raise many social concerns which seems to be little un-easy for the director Niraj Randhir to give justification to all. He tries very hard to make a grip on the scenes and sequences where he also make a reach and gives output seamlessly. But sometime makes the sequences loosely coupled.

Talking about roles and actions, the film PATTHAR KE SANAM can be with the average works of its artists. Actor Kallu needs to evolve a lot. After doing more than a dozen movies he still works as novice. Veteran actor Awdhesh Mishra misses his outstanding vigor in this film. Yamini looks good and she seems to be justifiable with her roles. Comedian and talented actor Sanjay Mahanand plays a typo sort of characters which does not appeal much. The film also features Dev Singh who is again unable to leave any foot-print.

But inspite of these there is something which makes this watchable once. It’s tightly coupled story with Yash Kumar Mishra’s guest appearence, Yamini’s romanticism, Kallu’s naughtiness and many more.


Bhojpuri Films Team wishes a good luck to PATTHAR KE SANAM and shares its 3-stars *** to this films.

Bhojpuri Film PATTHAR KE SANAM Songs:

  • Jawani tohar kas me rahi
  • Marad wala maza le rahega
  • Hey Jaan Tohke Rakhi Le Udhariye Me Jan
  • Tohre Nathuniya Pe Dil Mora Dola (Yash Kumar Mishra)


Bhojpuri Movie PATTHAR KE SANAM is star movie filled with most demanding actors like Arvind Akela “Kallu”, Yamini Singh, Awdhesh Mishra, Sanjay Mahanand,Dev Singh, Prem Dubey, Anita Rawat,Deepak Sinha, Roopa Singh, Dev Singh and others. All of stars have beautifully caricatured their roles respectively.

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