Kashi Vishwanath -Bhojpuri Movie Review

“Kashi Vishwanath is more Muscial than action.” : Bhojpuri Films Review

Star Rating: 3 / 5 *

Kashi Vishwanath, situated on the banks of river the Ganga is a famous for its great cultural heritage. But we will not talk about its popularity which is well known to the world. As we always focus on art and culture through the medium of cinema and music we will definitely cover what is going around this city specially in Bhojpuri film industry. There has many movies made on this place and has adopted the same title. In short, Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey and Kajal Raghwani coming together very first time with their musical action drama with the title ‘Kashi Vishwanath’. Read This Movie Review below

Directed and written by Subba Rao Gosangi the Bhojpuri film Kashi Vishwanath is produced by S.S. Reddy. Starring Ritesh Panday and Kajal Ragwani in lead roles this film’s music is composed by Om Jha. Not only this film has melodious composition but the lyrics of this film which are penned by Shyam Dehati, Arvind Tiwari and Yadav Raj are also good.

The trailer of Bhojpuri film Kashi Vishwanath published by Yashi Films on its official Youtube Channel. Watch The official trailer of the film below.

Kashi Vishwanath : Bhojpuri Movie Review

A young Kashi (Ritesh Pandey) lives in vagrancy with his couple of chosen friends. This maggot gets hurt badly when his upset mother beats him for his unforgiven mistakes which changes his routines. With this he sees ups and down on his life path. He fights against the wrong doers and dances with his passion. But this all happens with a pre-destines journey. And how the journey is ? you will surely read in this review…

As Ritesh is very much new as an actor though he has completed couple of movies recently and really did well on the box office. But having seen him in this theatrical trailer promo he wins the heart. His action seems matured and recalls the south movie actor. He has potential to be a good action hero in Bhojiwood industry but he will have to work on his dialogue delivery and on the other aspects of reel-life a bit. Over all he gets green signal from the BhojpuriFilms.
His co-actress Kajal is very much matured in the Bhojpuri cinema and has numerous hits in her name. In this trailer of Kashi Vishwanath she does not much space to explore her acting skill but her dance steps arose lascivious feelings.

Bhojpuri film Kashi Vishwanath Trailer :

Direction,Story & Cinemetography:
Kashi Vishwanath’s cinematography runs parallel with dramatic situation somehow but the cinematographer had scope to do even better. Similarly the edition part done by Santosh Harawade works average. The most important aspect of any movie is its direction which helps the cinmea to reach to the zeneath. And it becomes even more engaging when the director himself writes the story of the movie. In this aspect the director of the film Subba Rao Gosangi seems has done the half-hearted work. having seen his few directed scenes in this film, it seems he could have done well as he is imaginary.

Om Jha is not an unknown face in the music world specially in Bhojpuri music. He credits many hits in his name. Even in this film his work is appreciable. Thus Kashi Vishwanath is more musical than an action movie. Om’s music in Nirahua’s Saiyaan Ji Dagabaaz is also melodious, which is about to hit the screen year. The lyrics of this film are written by Shyam Dehati, Arvind Tiwari and Yadav Raj .

Bhojpuri Film Kashi Vishwanath Song:

  • Female Ka Dimag Ghuthno Me Hota Hai
  • Rangreza Ho Rangreza
  • Jawani Double Dose Leke Mani
  • Chhodle Bani Duty Tohre Beauty Ke Fer Me

Social Message:
Film making is an art through which the artists spared a strong message to the society. This form of art has brought many revolution in the world has shaped the society. But now a days in Bhojpuri cinema, Bollywood or other regional movies has become a profitable business.
Though every piece of writing communicates and engages but with the clear and crisp message makes more attractive. With Kashi Vishwnath there are couple of forceful message we get but it does not sound interactive.

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