Prithviraj Bhojpuri Movie Review

Prithviraj is a Bhojpuri movie of two young Indians Prithvi and Raj who are committed to fight against the social demons.

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Under the banner of ‘Mundeshwari films and Entertainment’, director Raj Singh is comping up with his new Bhojpuri movie Prithviraj. This is a Bhopuri action film where Bhojpuri singer Golu Raja is debuting. Golu Raja has already sung numerous hit Bhojpuriu songs but need to wait and watch for his acting skill. The Bhojpuri film’s team is all about to tell you the unbiased truth of Prithviraj. There are sections of Prithviraj Bhojpuri Movie Review, Prithviraj Bhojpuri Film Song, Bhojpuri film Prithviraj star rating, Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj release date, Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj star casts, Prithviraj Bhojpuri Movie Trailer in this article. You can read reviews of Prithviraj step by step in this article.

हिंदी की आनेवाली फिल्मो के ट्रेलर – यहाँ देखें 
भोजपुरी की आनेवाली फिल्मों के ट्रेलर – यहाँ देखे  

Prithviraj Bhojpuri Movie Review : 2.5/5*

In the heading of this article it is mentioned that the Bhojpuri film Prithviraj is a story of two young Indians who fight against hooligans of the society. This review is based on the Prithviraj movie trailer. Raj Singh the director of this film seems to complete the movie on a little fast pace where as the actors are little bit slow to compete the pace of the film. Sometimes the dialogue delivery does not even match with the actors’ expression. This all happens due the poor story of writer Raj Singh. The film has many item songs which cannot write the success story. Talking about film’s cinematography , most of the stills look locally which are bad but the action scenes look little cosy where it misses the vigourness. Read about Prthviraj movie story and rating, watch its trailer below.
सुपरस्टार रवि किशन की फिल्मे – यहाँ देखे 
पवन सिंह की सुपरहिट फिल्मे. – यहाँ देखे 

Prithviraj Bhojpuri Movie Trailer

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Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj Story and acting:

Raj (Golu Raja) and Prithvi (Abhinash Shahi) are two friends who seem to be truch drivers in this movie. But being faithful, honest and well-wisher of society these two young people somehow fall in a maze with Sultan (Ayaz Khan). This brings the twist and actions in the film. The protagonist Abhinash Shahi somewhere seem to do an overacting where as a new comer Golu Raja and veteron Bhojpuri actor Ayaz Khan plays their part beautifully. Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj also features choreographer turned comedian Mahesh Aacharya who is once again ready fill the theater with laugh and humour.

Prithviraj Bhojpuri Film Song:

Bhojpuri singer Golu Raja is popular singer in Bhojpuri industry. Therefor it is obvious to have good compositions in the film as well. Thus Bhojpurio movie Prithviraj has many songs. Apart from loaded item songs there are couple of melodies as well. The songs are penned by Munna Dubey and got composed by Jai Bihari , Anil Aarya , Anil Yadav and Munna Dubey. The songs are :

  • Shamiyana Bich Maar Ho Jayee
  • Chalawo E Raja ji Jawani Ke Truck
  • Dil Ke na Padhloo Kitabiya
  • Othwa Ke Laliya, Ankhiya ke Thohre Kajarwa
  • Dhori me Goli Maar Dihasan

खेसारी लाल के भोजपुरी फिल्म व गाने – यहाँ देखे
निरहुआ के भोजपुरी फिल्म और गाने – यहाँ देखे
काजल रघ्वानी के सबसे ज्यादा देखे जानेवाले गीत – यहाँ देखे

Bhojpuri film Prithviraj star rating:

Film making is a tedious task irrespective of its genres. And Bhojpuri Films Team appreciate their hard work and effort. However there are couple of things which the film maker must keep in mind like Story, direction, cinematography, music and social message. These five things are key aspects of reviewing movies and Bhojpuri Films website rates the movie on this basis. Thus, Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj gets 2.5 stars out of 5*.

Bhojpuri Movie Prithviraj star casts and crew:

Producer :- Shiv Shankar Pandey
Director :- Raj Singh
Associate Director :- Sanjeev Kumar
Music :- Jai Bihari , Anil Aarya , Anil Yadav , Munna Dubey
Writer :- Raj Singh
Lyric :- Munna Dubey
Marketing :- Vijay Kumar Yadav
Action :- Firoj Khan
Cameraman :- Sandeep Gupta , Abhijeet Aawara
Choreography :- Mahesh Aacharya
Star Cast :- Golu Raja , Abhinash Shahi , Deepak Bhatiya , Sneha Mishra , Aayaj Khan , Mahesh Aacharya ,Raj Singh , Jitu Sukla , Shreya Mishra , Aakancha Dubey , Nandita Dubey Kanika Gaba Etc.

एक से एक चुनिन्दा भोजपुरी फिल्मे – यहाँ देखें.
भोजपुरी फिल्म के नए गानों के लिए यहाँ देखें.

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