Rabba Ishq Na Hove- Trialer, Review and Star casts


 ‘Rabba Ishq Na Hove’ is going to be released on this Friday (29 Dec, 2017) .

Rabba Ishq na Hove- film story:

As per the trailer, The protagonist Arvind Akela is in love with Ritu Singh but not only society but her father (Awdhesh Mishra i.e. Choudhary, in this movie he is playing role of girl’s father and he comes in villain role what he is known for, when her daughter elopes with the hero to whom she loves much ) too does not accept her love. Finally the they elope and get married. But Choudhary could not digest this and held hostage Arvind’s family. Though ,Choudhary got his girl back who had eloped with her fiance and forces her to get married with unknown.

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Would this marriage be succesful?
Will the protagonist get his love?
Will love be justified in the hallbaloo of caste and creed?
To get the answer please watch this…

Manoj Tiger is playing his father’s role. Manoj Tiger is a brilliant actor you can see him in Balamua Tohre Khatir movie in negative role.

This is a romantic film and all the sogs are melodious. The lyricists are Shyam Shastri and Sumit Chandrawarshi.
All songs got composed by the very melodious music composer Avinash Jha(Ghungharu Ji).

Star Cast: Arvind Akela, Kanak Yadav,Ritu Singh,Awdhesh Mishra, Manoj Tiger, Dev Singh

Director: Pramosd Shastri
Writer: S K Chouhan
Lyricist: Shyam Shastri, Sumit Chandrawarshi
Music: Avinash Jha(Ghungharu Ji)

Rabba Ishq na Hove- Songs

Song 1. Piyawa Batela Kamayee
Song 2. Lagake Facewash Dharam nash debu ka ho
Song 3. Odhaniya jan mar lage ho
Song 4. E Pujari ji, Kable rat gujari
Song 5. Dheere lagaiho buttom, blouse Terricotton k ho
Song 6. Jaan le lihi kajra ke dhar..

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