SANKI DAROGA Movie Trailer

SANKI DAROGA is an upcoming Bhojpuri movie starring Ravi Kishan and Anjana Singh. The movie is based on a real story of exploitation and molestation of girls in our society. The actor Ravi Kishan will be seen as a police officer in this movie. This quirky police officer doesn’t tolerate the wrong doings especially against the girls and the women. The trailer dictates that ‘India has always been giving importance to women. Women who enact in our lives as mother, sister and wife. But just because of some hooligans they are being dis-respected and this maligns the image of our society.’ SANKI DAROGA Movie Trailer :
The teaser of Sanki Daroga has been released  under the official channel of  Zee Music Company. Though the teaser seems a documentary but leaves a strong message for us. the teaser appeals a lot especially in Ravi Kishan’s bold sound. Watch teaser below…


Sanki Daroga Movie Trailer:


Cast: Ravi Kishan, Anjana Singh & Manoj Tiger

Producer: Ravi Kishan
Director: Saif Kidwai
Co Producer: Priti Shukla
Executive Producer: Bilquis Kapadia

सनकी दरोगा के गाने यहाँ सुने

Story: Ravi Kishan
Screenplay: Sanjay Suhana
DOP: Hemant Chaitlangya
Music Directors: Shyam Dehati, Dheeraj Sen & Pradeep Pandey
Lyrics: Shyam Dehati Sanjit & Jamie Sayyed
Editor: Govind Dubey
Action: Hiralal Yadav
Dance: Prasun Yadav

Music on Zee Music Company

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