Kehu Deewana Ba Naihar Me Movie Review

Kehu Deewana Ba Naihar Me Movie Review
केहू दीवाना बा नैहर में is an action film which is based on love story. The protagonist Pramod Premi loves PRIYANKA MAHARAJ a daughter of muscleman of this area where Mr. Premi lives. In the very beginning of this trailer the director SURAJ KUMAR says that everything is fair in love and war. And this is what exactly happens when a girl’s father tries his best to make the path clean from his daughter’s beloved to keep his dignity as it is. But the one who loves, lives his life for love. No matter how much one tries to create a valley of misunderstanding but a time comes when everything becomes vivid.

Directotr and Producer SURAJ KUMAR, though gets his fingers crossed to make this movie successful but the story has nothing new for the audience. The review is based on the trailer. As we have seen Pramod Premi has already established himself as a singer in the Bhojpuri industry but as an actor it’s far way to cross the border of actiing. Priyanka Maharaj doesn’t attract much nor even from her acting but yes UMESH SINGH who has negative role in this movie and playing a role of a musscleman appeals much.
If I talk about the location and cinematography it is as normal as movies were made in 70s. Infact as a singer Pramod Premi has few of the songs in this movie along with Indu Sonali but the songs don’t have everlasting impact. It seems the musician ‘M/S, BABITA & SHOBHA FILMS’ has composed in hurry. Overall the film is completely based on a sophisticated story and the director must be appreciated to take the step forward from the formula of ‘Something is better than nothing.’

Bhojpuri films wishes good luck to ‘Kehu Deewana Ba Naihar Me‘ gives 6* out of 10* .

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