NAGRAJ का एनीमेशन चकित करने वाला है

Nagraj a sequel of Bhojpuri movie Ichchhadhari which was released in the year 2016,  is set to hit the screen this year. The trailer has been released by the official Enterr10 Music Bhojpuri Youtube channel. Along with Yash Kumar, Bhojpuri hot-cake Anjana Singh, gorgeous lady Payas Pandit and the very talented Sushil Singh are in the lead role.  Nagraj is  going to be a must watch movie for movie-buffs with its beautiful animation and story, action king Yash Kumar’s fighting, Anjana Singh’s lip-lock kissing scenes, hot n slim Payas Pandit’s long animated tongue, A faun like Anand Mohan and tireless actor Sushil Singh as Mahaguru.


ICHCHADHARI a prequel of Nagraj, Arjun (Yash Kumar) and Devi (Rani Chatterjee) gets blessing of Lord Shiva from liberating the life of nag (Snake king) after finishing the demons in the form of human being. In ICHCHADHARI, aghori (Manoj Tiger) who is in search of Nagmani to make himself a pawerful man but this greedy instinct also brings Raghaw (Awdhesh Mishra) in its circumference. Raghaw a poerful cruel man informs Aghori about Nag-Nagin i.e. Arjun and Devi respectively and plays a trick to catch them in order to get the viper’s stone (nagmani). But in vain in their practice Arjun again gets this Nagmani with the help of Devi but they offer it to the Lord Shiva asking for liberation from the life of a snake because they want to spend the rest of their lives as human being and serve the humanity with love.
मेहँदी लगा के रखना : सिर्फ मार ही नहीं प्यार भी करते है यश कुमार 
This is where the Nagraj a sequel of ICHCHADHARI starts. As the trailer begins with the frame of phallus with sound in the background that ‘Time is limitless. It keeps on flowing…’ sounds awesome. It has its deep meaning in this cosmos. Once again liberating from the previous life the protagonist Yash Kumar Mishra who runs like a cheetah, hops like a money and fights like a lion is ready to make you stun with his awesome fighting sequences. A man who loves his beloved Anjana Singh who looks beautiful while riding a bike in Nagraj and attracts even more from her performance.
But love has its own consequences in which they get trapped and the MahaGuru (Sushil Singh) who has the cobra-stone tries to rule as an almighty. In this story a beautiful creature from the blood of African lizard is created too who is not only venomous but has limitless power in herself (Payas pandit). The VFX effect glitters more the role of Payas Pandit .
लोहा पहलवान की पायस पंडित कुछ इस तरह आपको घायल कर देगी 
This graphical representation does not end here. It steals our eyes when we see a faun (Anand Mohan). A faun is a goat with a human head, which is considered harmless. With perfect in his comic timing this faun will make you laugh out loudly.
आनद मोहन का यह अंदाज़ आपको ज़रूर पसंद आएगा

Like prequel of Nagraj the director Deepak Shah‘s work is appreciable. Amost all the team members hard work is a way to the success of this movie. The film has many melodious songs which have composed by Dhananjay Mishra.
Though the director has worked tirelessly even on the minutest things but in some of its animations shows they could have made even in a better way which requires little more effort. One of the scenes like snake with conch in water etc. But overall this is going to be a must watch movie with its beautiful animation and story, action king Yash Kumar’s fighting, Anjana Singh’s lip-lock with a snake, Payas Pandit’s long tongue, A faun like Anand Mohan and tireless actor Sushil Singh as mahaguru.

This review is based on the trailer. Bhojpuri films team wishes gook luck to NAGRAJ and gives 8.5*.



1. A Rani jab Man nahi Mani
2. Piya more ilaychi ke daana
3. Nighty Ke Variety
4. Chumma le gore gore galiya me



Producer - Deepak Shah 
Director - Dinesh Yadav 
Staring - Yash Kumar, Anjana Singh, Payas Pandit,Sushil Singh main villain, 
         Dinesh Yaadav, Sombhushan , Karan Pandey, Baleshwar Singh and Anand Mohan 
Music Director - Dhananjay Mishra 
Music on - Enterr10 Music Bhojpuri

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