Loha Pahawan Review, Trailer, Story

Loha Pahawan Review, Trailer and Story :

Pawan Singh starring Loha Pahalwan is trending on youtube now a days. Within a day since its official trailer is out, it has been viewed by 1.2 million people.This movie has created another history in the Bhojpuri cinema. Till today none of the bhojiwood movie like this, has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people in a day. .

LOHA PAHALWAN story and Movie plot:

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Loha Pahalwan is a new upcoming Bhojpuri movie. Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh is playing the lead role in this movie. Along with him Sushil Singh ,Payas Pandit, Prakash Jayas ,Dev Singh, Deepak Sinha, Pushpak Chawla, Glory Mohnta, Seema Singh will also be seen. The director of Loha Pahalwan is Iqbal Baksh.The movie is well written by Prakash Jayas.

Bhojpuri film Loha Pahalwan is based on the destruction of social evils who are still present in our society. A strong young man enters the the battle field to fight against the draconian era of Pahawan(Sushil Singh). Pahalwan uses all his muscle power to suck the blood of his opponent.

In the meanwhile Loha Singh(Pawan singh) gets posted as Daroga (police inspector) in Rampur. Pahalwan(Sushil Singh) is a Bahubali(strongman) of Rampur. Pahalwan is a wrestler who gets accompanied by many. people are scared of him. He does so many illegal and cruel things in the sociey. His son (Dev Singh) is also on the path of his father and hardly cares about the law and order. Dev Singh forcefully tries to get love of Payas Pandit who loves Loha Singh.

How the protagonist fights with strong man who is bound to his duty, can only be known once the movie is released. This review is based on the trailer. The film has many item and melodious songs. Pawan singh himself has lent his voice in one of the melodious songs ‘E Rani tohse pyar karile’.  Bhojpuri film gives 3* out of 5*
Watch Loha Palwan Trailer below

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Loha Pahalwan Songs:

Loha Palwan Music Director: Chote baba

1. Jab le Tohke ham dekhab e rani din kaise kati (Singer :Pawan Singh)
2. Jabse dhaile piritiya ke rog E Rani tohse pyar karile (Singer :Pawan Singh)
3.Aahe mai hardi (is an item song sung by Indu Sonali)
4. E Nanado mal da na kamar me haradiya, kamar me bada darad hola ho (Item Song)

Bhojpuri film Loha Pahalwan Cast and Crew:

Presenter : Lakshmi Ganpathy Films & Nishad Production Presents
Banner : Nishad Productions
Producer : Sanjay A. Nishad & Ramesh Vyas
Co Producer : Sushil Singh
Writer : Prakash Jayas
Star Cast : Pawan Singh, Sushil Singh Payas Pandit, Prakash Jayas ,Dev Singh Deepak Sinha, Pushpak Chawla, Glory Mohnta, Seema Singh and others
Director : Iqbal Baksh
Music On : Worldwide Records

Loha Pahalwan Trailer