Bihar is place of almost all kinds sects and religions. There are many sects in Hindusim. It is said that at the time of Adi Shankara, there were more than 69 sects in Hinduims itself and followers of one tries to demean others. This gave pain to Adi Shankar and left home at his early age. After attaining knowledge he fouded Mathas(monasteries). These four monasteries are around the four corners of Indian continent and the followers are called as Shaivism and worship the lord Shiva. Bihar is one of the states in India where the Vaishnawism , Shaivism and Shaktism is equibly accepted and celebrated. Lets discuss about different Religious sects in Bihar. Along with this there are couple of Bharat Sharma Bol Bam Song added in this article too.

हमारा भी ले लो खबर डमरूवाले

What is Vaishnawism?
The Vaishnawisn follower worship lord is Vishnu or Awtaras (incarnation) of Vishnu. The Vaishnawism-sect though it is not different type of Hindu but actually they are the Hindus whose main deity is Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and the other incarnation of Vishnu.

The Lord VISHNU: Who is HE ?
This lord is considered is supreme by other the lords by the Vaishnav.
One of the noted singers in Bhojiwood Pawan Singh as usual has come up with new devotional Bhojouri songs.

RAMA: The incarnation of Vishnu
Some followers worship RAMA who is also called as ‘Maryada Purushottam‘. Shri Rama was exiled for fourteen years and fought with Ravna the king of Lanka when Sita, the wife of Rama was kidnapped. Being lived in unacceptble condition He saved his Dharma and followed the order of his father Dashrath, followed the low of a good husband etc. In day-to-day lives people want to follow him and considers their ideals.

KRISHNA: The incarnation of Vishnu
The another incarnation of Vishnu is famous for his Leelas (enactment) and wisdom. The one who gave us the knowledge of attaining Moksha (emancipation), is the lord KRISHNA. KRISHNA’S speech collection (Giving GYANA(knowledge) to Arjun in the battlefield of Mahabharta) is GEETA the world’s best religious books. Lord KRISHNA says, ‘ I am your creator, you come from me(birth); you enter in me(death) and you live in/on me. Leave everything(your good and bad deeds) to me
and live with me.’ This is the very philosophical line and has very meaning of this cosmos. followers of KRISHNA are worldwide, the KRISHNA temples are around the world. The founder of Apple Company, STEVE JOBS said in an interview that when his condition was not good enough and struggling for food even; everyday he used to go to the nearby Krishna temple for food and survived.

चक्र सुदर्शन लेके

What is SHAIVISM ?
The Shavism sect’s lord is SHIVA who is also said to be SHANKAR, MAHADEO, BHOLENATH etc. In the Hinduism philosophy he is considered as the destructor. Follwers of Shaivism worship Shiva in the form of LINGAM (phallus) There are 9 famous Jyotirlingams in India. And one of the Jyotirlingams Deoghar (Baba Basukinath) was in un-devided Bihar, which now falls in Jharkhand.
Every year in the month of Sawan millions of Kanwariya go to this place for worship.

राधा श्याम बिरह में बिभोर

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