WANTED Full Bhojpuri Film

Pawan Singh and Mani Bhattacharya starring WANTED is an Bhojpuriaction film. The film talks about the poltical corruption from the different angles prevailing in the country. Watch WANTED Full Bhojpuri Film below.

WANTED is a newly released Bhojpuri film directed by Sujeet Kumar Singh. This film has Pawan Singh, Mani Bhattacharya, Amrita Acharya, Bipin Sing, Eyaz Khan, Jay Singh & Others in the lead roles. Wanted is produced by Yashwant Kumar and Virendra Kumar Yadav. The film has very good songs which are written by Manoj Matalbi, Vinay Nirmal, Arvind Tiwari & Sumit Chandravanshi and composed by Chhote Baba.

WANTED Full Bhojpuri Film

Wanted Movie Songs:
1. मीठ रस सांवरिया जैसे शरबत के पनिया हो
2. पलंगिया ए पिया सोने ना दीया
3. मारता र माजा बिन बियाहे बोलअ कहे राजा हो
4. मोर मरदा बेदरदा

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