Suno Sasur Ji  Trailer , Review and Star-Rating

‘Everything is fair in love and war’, this is going to be the theme of the new Bhojpuri movie ‘Suno Sasur Ji’Suno Sasur Ji is a Bhojpuri action film. Though, this is not the first film of Bhojpuri cinema and Bollywood movies in which story revolves around the lover, beloved and anti-social girl’s father, who always becomes an obstacle in love.

Bhojpuri Film ‘Suno Sasur Ji’  Review, Trailer  and Star-Rating

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Bhojpuri Film Suno Sasur Ji Story :

Rishabh Kashap (kashi), young man who falls in love with Richa Dixit (the female protagonist). The stuborn Kali is a contract killer who loves very much her mom and his beloved. Some day he disrespects his beloved’s mom which cannot be tolerated by her father Awdhseh Mishra. Awdhesh Mishra is playing the role of girl’s father. He fight against this odd love between his daughter and the gunda Kashi . he threatens kali’s father to go back (Kashi) from his daugjer’s life. But Kashi is very much stubborn and denies such threatens. He fights for each odd which comes in his path of love.
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Rishabh Kashap(Golu) seems cool while delevering dialouges but attracts even more doing action sequences. Awdhesh Mishra is again very popular in the Bhojpuri cinema and you cannot find loopholes in him in the movie, Suno Sasur Ji. Overall, The all cast and crew have done their job well. This review is  based on trailer.

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If I talk about the songs of the movie Suno Sasur Ji. It is really good. The thematically song ‘Life Chupat kerbe ka Hanar Biyah karai ke’ is nice one which actually gets its entry when Kashi’s mother asks him to get married. The other songs ‘ Mana kaila pe or Jyada man Hola ho‘ and ‘Ankhiya ke Aadat Dhara ke‘ are melodious one.

Suno Sasur Ji movie comment

Bhojpuri cinema has crossed its adolescent it must come up with new ideas rather than repeating the same stereotype love theme.

The Film Suno Sasur Ji gets 3* out of Five. 

Suno Sasur Ji Trailer and Star-Casts :

Film :- Suno Sasurji
Star Cast :- Rishabh Kashap (Golu), Richa Dixit, Awadesh Mishra, Kiran Yadav, Yari Joshi and Others.
Writer :- Pyare Lal Yadav, Shyam Dehati , Manoj Matlabi, Yadav Raj
Music Director :- RAJESH JHA
Written & Director :- SUBA RAO GOSANGI
Producer :- Iqbal E. Makani
Company/Label :- Wave Music

Suno Sasur Ji Songs

1. Mana kaila pe or jyada man hola ho
2. Aho Bhagwan ke lila ba
3. Ankhiya ke aadat dhara ke
4. Maar deb Goli Tohra Baap ke
5. Life Chupat kerbe ka Hanar Biyah karai ke
6. Daru Bihar Me Bain