DULHIN GANGA PAR KE movie review and trailer

DULHIN GANGA PAR KE movie review and trailer

A young man struggling to have a girl friend for which he lives into the imaginary world of romance and does so many nonsense activities after getting ideas from the Love Gurus. But it really sucks when such imagination transforms into the reality. This is what the Khesari Lal starring new upcoming Bhojpuri film ‘Dulhin Ganga Par ke’ about.
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भोजपुरी फिल्म दुल्हिन  गंगा पर के मूवी रिव्यू हिंदी में ******

Khesari Lal the lead in this movie lives into the realm of another woman and always want her nearby in dream. Though, in the trailer he is seen romancing with Kajal Raghwani not only this he also fights for her dignity. Awdhesh Mishra an antagonist in ‘Dulhin Ganga Par ke’ loves Kajal Raghwani too. This is where the movie takes u-turn when the so called lover’s infatuation turns into the lust.
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सलमान खान की रेस ३ इस ईद पर दिलिज़ होगी . रेस ३ का दमदार ट्रेलर 
Dulhan Ganga Par ke is a full on action film filled with romantic scenes. Khesari’s daughter Kirti Yadav is debuting in this movie.Veteron actor Awdhesh Mishra justifies his role where as Khesari is seen doing unrealistic stunts but this is what the action director Dilip Yadav wants to show to the public. Other than fight sequences Khesari looks cool.The review is based on the trailer. The cinemetography does not attract much but somehow director Aslam Shaikh has managed to make this movie watchable.
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खेसारी लाल की आनेवाली नयी फिल्म दबंग सरकार का ट्रेलर यहाँ देखे 

Madhukar Anand has beautifully composed the songs written by Pyare Lal Yadav, Azad Singh and Pawan Pandey. Amrapali Dubey will be seen doing item songs in this movie too.

Team Bhojpuri Films gives 6 stars out of 10.

दुल्हिन गंगा पार के मोवी ट्रेलर

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Dulhin Ganga Par ke Cast and Crew:
Star Cast – Khesari Lal Yadav , Kirti Yadav , Kajal Raghwani , Amarpali Dubey , Avdhesh Mishra , Manoj Tiger , Mahesh Acharya , Prakash Jais , Sweety Singh , Dev Singh , Deepak Sinha Samrath Chaturvedi etc..
Singer – Khesari Lal Yadav , Indu Sonali , Priyanka Singh
Lyrics – Pyare Lal Yadav ” Kavi Ji ” , Azad Singh , Pawan Pandey
Music – Madhukar Anand
Producer – Arvind Anand
Co – Producer – R.S. Pandey
Co – Producer – Khesari Lal Yadav
Directer – Aslam Shaikh
D.O.P. – Thamban K
Action – Dilip Yadav
Choregrapher – Kanu Mukharji , Pappu Khana , Ricky Gupta
Banner – Brandvilla Production and Khesari Entertainment Pvt . Ltd
Special Thanks – Sonu Kumar Pandey
Digital Manager – Vicky Yadav
Comapany/Label – Khesari Music World

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